How the facts about Genital Herpes can help you?


Genital herpes is one of the common virus in the human race and in most of the cases you will get symptoms like sores, blisters etc., sometimes there will be no symptoms at all. When a person gets more symptoms like blisters and sores, they can be controlled easily and even they are very simple to treat them. The problem arises when most of the herpes people perceptions are based on myths rather than compared to the facts of the herpes simplex virus. For the people who are infected with herpes virus, they feel sometimes confusing and challenging too.

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To clear up your confusion about the genital herpes virus, we have designed to take positive steps to start your life as normal before.

If you have got the result that you are infected genital herpes, don’t be panic about your future life. You can still have a beautiful life by knowing the facts about the genital herpes virus and which treatment is the best option for you to lead your life happily with a partner. The facts which have provided will help you to deal with problems like how to manage herpes during pregnancy? Or to secure your partner who most done has herpes. First of all, ever herpes people should remember that having genital herpes virus is not shameful. And on the other side, people who are having sexual intercourse can be infected with genital herpes. Being dirty, clean, bad or good are will not get you infected with genital herpes. Take a look below to know more about genital herpes virus.
The key facts about genital herpes virus:

  • This genital herpes virus will cause for one in three adults.
  • Almost more than 80% of the people are diagnosed with genital herpes. Some people with herpes virus, they don’t even know that they have infected, because the symptoms will be very little or sometimes there will be no symptoms at all.
  • More than 50% of people who are having this genital herpes virus through having sexual interaction and them don’t even aware of that they infected with herpes virus.
  • The people who are infected with genital herpes virus will have a high emotional impact on them and even their health condition get worse than before.
  • Oral herpes is also called as cold sores and this oral herpes virus transmits from one person to another person through oral contact like kissing. Nearly 50% of genital herpes virus cause due to cold sores.
  • If you feel herpes symptoms are very problematic, then there is an effective treatment.
  • The symptoms of genital herpes vary from person to person. For some people it can appear through sores or blisters, sometimes it can just appear through a little rash. These symptoms may produce on the fingers, thighs, back and genitals.
  • So many people who are spreading genital herpes virus to others, they don’t even realize that they creating a risk to their partners too.
  • Using condoms while having sexual intercourse will decrease the risk of spreading the virus to others, but it will be eliminated completely.
  • Taking antiviral medication can help you prevent from regular outbreaks and decrease the risk of spreading of the virus to your partners.

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