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Posted by: | Posted on: December 12, 2016

Black Herpes Dating Sites : Dating and Living with Herpes

Black Herpes Dating Sites

It has never been easy for any black person living with herpes to find a dating partner. It takes acceptance of the situation and a strongly focused mind. Despite all the prejudice, critics and all kind of stigma, there will always be that one perfect match for you. For some reasons, middle aged black women are at a higher risk of contracting herpes and black Americans as well. Statistics show that half of black women are living with herpes. I will be shedding some light on some of the tips for black herpes dating.


Register with a black herpes dating site

By so doing, you avoid the issue and pain that comes with rejection since a person interested in you is already aware of your status and hence loves you despite it. It’s very wise to ensure that the site you choose to register with is legitimate. In these sites you are able to meet and share with countless black people living with herpes too and this could help you to accept yourself, understand that you are not alone, realize that dating is not barred by your condition and generally learn about the issue and how to easily cope with it.

Be informed

Many questions from people interested in you and that is quite in order. It’s very normal that someone truly interested in you should seek to understand more about your status. You should be having the answers to those questions right at your fingertips.

You are not any less of yourself

If only black people realized that black is beauty and that herpes doesn’t make it any less, then it would be easier to understand that anyone can face rejection regardless of their color or health status hence it’s time we all learnt on how to face rejection with courage and acceptance. Let go what is not worth you, it could cause you more trouble than solution.

Stay real and positive

Anyone who truly loves you loves you the way you are. Be honest about your condition and never trade your self esteem for anything however how bad or good it may seem. Remain confident and you are bound to discover that there is so much more about love and dating that you are yet to explore.

It is always how we first perceive ourselves that reflects to the minds of others. We should realize that nothing should come in between us and our dating life, we will be able to face reality as it is and without much problem be able to enjoy life more even with herpes.