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World AIDS Day: Dating While Positive Singles

As a matter of fact, dating can be pretty tricky for anyone; however, trying to find a date while HIV positive could feel like attempting advanced calculus. This can be attributed to the difficulty associated with disclosing one’s status; and the fear of facing a negative reaction. However, these issues don’t have to hold you back. You need to realize that HIV or any other STD could be contracted by anyone and this makes everyone equal; furthermore, HIV is no longer the menace it used to be – the wrong attitude is the one that’s dangerous, not HIV. With the coming of the World’s AIDS Day, we deemed it good to give you some nice tips to find someone perfect for you. We have also lined up some cool dating sites such as Positive Singles, to make it easier to find someone who shares your interests.

You’re more worthy than you imagine 

I have dealt with some positive folks who told me that they couldn’t even try finding someone because they didn’t think anyone would want them – this is a big misconception. The first step starts with accepting and loving yourself. When you have found someone, you don’t have to always be in the fear of losing them. Let them know that your condition doesn’t bother you and that you are happy.


Let your date know early enough

As a matter of fact, there are jerks out there – people who still hold on to the misconception that HIV is the most detrimental thing on earth. Therefore, it would be good to consider telling him/her your status early enough, before you can hardly let go.

Don’t expect too much

Of course we all need to always keep faith that everything will go well with us. However, this doesn’t apply when this hope is dependent on the actions of someone else. Therefore, don’t jump into the relationship expecting that he/she will move heaven and earth for you, but rather let things straighten out slowly. Remember that anyone judgmental of your condition is not worth your time.

Find someone who shares your interests

The best way to finding a perfect date would be to find someone who feels the same way as you. By this I mean someone who has HIV too; or Herpes if that’s what you got. Finding someone who shares your interest is almost guaranteed to work. By this, you won’t even have to deal with the stigma and you could go a long way towards supporting each other. Check out these great HIV and Herpes dating sites :


I hope this article has helped you figure out a way to finding your dream lover. Remember that HIV or any other STD doesn’t define anything about you; you define who you are. Furthermore in the recent years, I have seen HIV decrease in potency by incredible levels; plus with technological advancement in medicine, finding a cure is imminent. Happy World’s AIDS Day!

herpes dating sites


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