Positive Singles Editor Reviews


Positive singles are those people with sexual transmitted diseases and are looking for a person with similar circumstances to share their life story with either as a partner or a friend. These diseases include; HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, chlamydia, herpes or other STDs. These people have an online dating site called; PositiveSingles.com. It was started in 2001 as a totally free STD dating site Its membership was then divided into gold membership and quest after one year

Life is difficult for people who have these herpes (hsvl and hsv2), mostly when dating. They always have to make more efforts than others when it comes to finding love. They are often rejected in the society over and over again. Most of them feel like their lives have been destroyed by herpes. But living with herpes does not mean is the end of the world. These people can still find love through this dating sites. When you’re suffering from herpes, you don’t need to worry about discrimination on these dating sites.

In the year 2007, STD live counselor was added on Positive Singles, thus each member could ask questions on STDs and also STD counselor. Members also can put forward their advice and their information is kept confidential.

In 2010, positiveSingles introduced a STD Legal Information. This made on account of the special group. It enables member of the PositiveSingles to obtain information on their STD status and also learn from their legal encounter on the site.

The site is a full feature dating site. This site has detailed dating profile that is geared toward those with an STD. It has enough instant messaging tools and emails to allow you to easily contact your match. It also contains blocking and privacy options on it with all your interactions on the site and statistic information.


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On this site, you can meet many people talking about real life experiences including their relationships and their lives with STDs. The forum allows member to run blogs or post messages talking about what they want. The positive singles on the site have access to daily news about STDs and are also able to contact a STD counselor.


  •  The Free membership is freed from price and offers limited options to the members.
  •  The Gold membership with all advanced options is offered at a worth of $29.95, that makes it to $1 per day for one month.
  •  A three month Gold membership is for $59.95, that makes it to $19.95 per month.
  •   A six month Gold membership is for $95.95, that makes it to $15.95 per month.


  • Members can respond to any message or emails.
  • One’s profile remains anonymous unless he/she decides to take things further.
  • There’s verification of member’s information, including age, photos, income and also education.
  • Profiles not approved by automated process but by real people.
  • Positive Single feels alone in this world.
  • If you feel you need a place where you will not be rejected or discriminated, then positive singles was made for you.

Here, one’s privacy is maintained and you don’t have to submit information that you are not comfortable with sharing. Anyone with STD can join regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation or religion.