Who Was Beah Richards Husband

Beah Richards was an iconic African American actress, poet, and playwright known for her exceptional work in various films, stage productions, and television shows. She was an influential figure who had a lasting impact on the entertainment world, and her life story continues to inspire many people today. However, while Beah Richards’ achievements are well-known, […]

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String of Pearls Care : What if Your Plant is Dying

Succulents are among the most loved houseplants, and the string of pearls is also one of them. Succulent enthusiasts quickly warm up to these plants because of their lustrous, green pearlescent appearance. Outdoor cultivation of this succulent is often less challenging, although problems still arise. Put another way, these beautiful succulents won’t last forever if […]

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Fashion Open Studio presents Showcase with a Difference

Fashion Revolution’s mentoring and showcasing initiative, Fashion Open Studio, supports designers, textile artists, and small fashion brands in creating innovative solutions to social and environmental problems in the fashion industry. Last month, we hosted a Showcase With a Difference. This was an exhibition that featured ten designers who were focused on purpose and product. This […]

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Where do Instagram models get their money?

We pay attention to approximately Insta fashions anywhere, and the number of elegant influencers is growing daily. (Instagram models get their money) However, the general public doesn’t realize precisely how much their Instagram following is worth. Entrepreneur and international personality Kylie Jenner makes $1 million for every sponsored post on her Instagram. She’s the best-paid influencer […]

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