Best People with HIV Podcasts of 2022
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Best People with HIV Podcasts of 2022

HIV/AIDS is a subject that needs more attention, and podcasts are the perfect medium for teaching people about the virus. From science-based treatments to social issues, these podcasts can answer any question about HIV/AIDS.

All Things Gay, Queer and Living With HIV

A podcast from The Body

What it’s about Host Kelley Winters discusses the latest news in HIV. This podcast is updated every Monday. It’sIt’s also available on iTunes and can be found at

The Infectious Myth

One of the best podcasts about HIV is The Infectious Myth, which covers stigma, disclosure, and relationships. The podcast features interviews with people living with HIV about their experiences. It’s hosted by two people living with HIV; one is a community member they interview.

In each episode, they discuss stigma and disclosure while interviewing other people living with HIV. The hosts talk openly about their experiences and advise others who want help navigating these issues.

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Evidence Cruncher

This podcast discusses evidence-based medicine. The host is Dr. David Gorski, a surgical oncologist and former breast cancer surgeon who has served as the managing editor of Science-Based Medicine since 2004. In this podcast series, he interviews experts in their fields to determine whether their recommendations are backed by scientific research. Episodes include topics like HIV, cancer and vaccines.

The Body’s Newsfeed–HIV Treatment News, Research Updates and More

The Body’s News feed is a weekly podcast that covers HIV treatment news, research updates and more. Hosted by Dr Greg Millett, MD, FRCPC, Director of the HIV/AIDS Program at Toronto’s Women’s College Hospital and Professor in Medicine at the University of Toronto, The Body’s Newsfeed covers everything from clinical trials to new drugs to recent research studies.

You can listen to this podcast on Soundcloud or subscribe via iTunes or Google Play.

The Positively Negative Podcast

The Positively Negative Podcast is a podcast hosted by someone living with HIV who also happens to be gay. It’s an engaging and educational look into what it’s like to live with HIV, but with a twist. The host gives his perspective on what it was like growing up gay in the 1990s vs today, how he contracted the virus and how his life changed after he found out he had it.

The podcast is available on iTunes and SoundCloud.

CANFAR Connections – CANFAR (Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research)

CANFAR Connections is a podcast that provides information on HIV/AIDS. CANFAR (Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research) is a Canadian foundation that supports HIV/AIDS research, education and advocacy. It was founded in 1988 by a group of people living with HIV/AIDS who wanted to make their voices heard. The organization focuses on four main areas: research; prevention; treatment, and compassion.

CANFAR Connections offers English and French podcasts, so you’re sure to find one that suits your preferences (or language skills). There are currently five seasons of the show available: Season 1 – Women’s Voices; Season 2 – The Science Behind HIV/AIDS; Season 3 – Experiences With Treatment And Health; Season 4 – LGBTQ+ Issues Around Housing And Homelessness In Toronto & Ontario With Dr. Jack Boomerlauf, MD; and Season 5 – Impacting Lives Through Culture In Canada’s Capital Region With Kerry Steadman-McCann Of CHEFS On Wheels Foundation For Children At Risk Of Food Insecurity.

HIV Here & Now

HIV Here & Now is hosted by Dr. James I. Wilton, MD. MPH and its podcast focus on HIV, AIDS and STIs. It is regularly updated with new episodes, so you will always have things to listen to! The podcast interviews experts in the field about various topics, including treatment options, prevention methods and more!

HIV Basic Training | A Podcast about HIV/AIDS by Dr. James I. Wilton MD. MPH

Dr. James I. Wilton, MD. MPH hosts this podcast, which is available on iTunes and Stitcher. The podcast is updated weekly, so you’re always learning new things about HIV/AIDS!

Listen to a podcast on the topic of your choice!

Podcasts are a great way to learn about a topic that interests you. You can listen while you’re doing something else or even while commuting!

We’ve compiled a list of podcasts to help get you started on your research. You can listen to them on your phone or computer or download them onto any device with an MP3 player.

If you want to learn more about HIV and its impact on communities worldwide, check out these podcasts:

  • Partners in Health Podcast: This podcast features interviews with physicians who have worked in Haiti and other countries worldwide, helping people living with HIV/AIDS gain access to treatment and care. It offers insights into what it was like for those doctors working in challenging conditions—both medically and politically—and why they chose this field of medicine over others, such as pediatrics or psychiatry (both common choices for medical students).

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The podcasts we have featured in this article are just a few of the many podcasts out there that are dedicated to HIV/AIDS. We hope you have enjoyed listening to them as much as we did when writing this article!